Carrefour Rural


Harley Davidson

A cult brand, inspired by the world’s many roads. Similarly the exhibition and sales area recalls the places and their story, in particular the American one. Bricks, wood and colour punctuate the exposition spaces, while impressive graphics become vivid communication elements.
In collaboration with our partners from Trim, Spain.

Tesla Motors

Founded in 2003 with headquarters in California by a group of Silicon Valley engineers, Tesla Motors’ goal is to accelerate the transition to electric cars. Their vehicles are fun to drive and environmentally responsible.
Their vision and philosophy reflect in the Milan showroom.
In collaboration with our partners from Trim, Spain.


The refined research of both contemporary and historical material, colours, lights and furnishings, value the Woolrich design, interpreting the early days of the product and the strong brand identity within the functional exposition area.



Both elegant and essential, the space evokes tradition and haute couture using refined materials while promoting a visual, fluid, dynamic communication to enhance the brand recognition.